Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wish on the Moon by Karen Rose Smith - A REVIEW

Wish On The MoonWish On The Moon by Karen Rose Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wish on the Moon is the first book I've read by Karen Rose Smith and while I did like the story line, there was way too much antagonism/sexual tension between Laura and Mitch for it to be a believable story for me.

Laura Applegate Sanders is the estranged daughter of Ray Applegate a very successful jeweler. Mitch Riley has been Ray's partner for a few years when Ray need cardiac bypass surgery. Mitch goes and finds Laura and shows up on her doorstep to try and get her to come back to see her father.

Laura hasn't seen her father in 6 years when he disowned her because she married Doug Sanders, a man her father thought was just after the money she could supply him because he was an artist with no job and no prospects for one.

Mitch arrives at Laura's door with preconceived ideas about why Ray hasn't seen his daughter and he believed it was because Laura was a wild child and wanted her way and just left and never looked back. Boy...does Mitch have a lot to learn about the day Laura left her father's house.

Almost immediately Mitch feels some attraction for Laura and that tension builds as he gets to know more about her.

Does the boy get the girl? You will have to read the book to find that out....I don't give out spoilers in my reviews.

Why did I only give this book 3 stars if I liked it...and obviously I did like something about it because I took the time to finish the book and write this review. However, while the characters are pretty believable for me, the fact that two people could meet and almost instantaneously have a strong attraction for one another is just really difficult for me hold on to.

Go ahead and read the book....maybe you are more romantic than I am and will like the book more than I did!!

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