Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A NEW "Old" Hobby

Recently, I had the urge to pick up an old hobby. One that I had learned many years ago from my mom...that hobby is sewing. Now I've come back and forth to this hobby periodically so it is no surprise that I am back to it once again.

I have used commercial patterns that I've bought in the past. But I was taught to take measurements and build your own pattern. That is what my mom and grandmom did. So this week, I pulled out some brown paper bags from one of the local grocery stores and ripped them open to use to make my pattern.

Since it is so hot here in Mississippi, I chose to go with a sleeveless top. Because I have somewhat of a protruding stomach for the first time ever (not counting the 2 times I was pregnant) in my life....I chose to make the top with some gathers in the front of the top with a yoke.

I didn't just come to the conclusion that I needed to do is mainly because I found a sewing site last month that I really enjoy being on. The people are so friendly and helpful. You should check it is called The Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum.

One of the threads that I have read through and been posting to is the 2012 Summer 6PAC Collection Sewalong (May - July). This is a discussion where you are challenged to choose color choices and create 6 pieces (hence 6 PAC).

I signed up the other day to join this endeavor even though I was late starting an may not have time to finish all 6 pieces....but it will be fun trying. I chose to use white as one of my neutral colors...for 2 is summer and HOT here in the delta; and...since I haven't been sewing for a while, I am limited on the fabric that I have available to use (there doesn't seem to be any fabric shops close by either).

So here is the top that I made yesterday.

white top for blog 
 What do you think? Is there too much gathering in the front of the top? I know its plain...but that was the idea....I can wear it that way or dress it up with accessories. What do you think?