Monday, June 28, 2010

OK...My entry for I Heart Faces.....

Furbs is part of our family....sometimes I think he believes he is human. He really likes to pose for the camera. So, I decided to use this photo of him to enter the "pets only" theme weekly challenge over at I Heart Faces.


More pics later!

Until Next Time!!


For as long as I can remember, I have had a camera to point and shoot my family, friends, pets, you name it. I have always been the "one" behind the camera. I have some photos that no one wants seen because I seem to just click, click, click most of the time.

However, here recently, I have begun to look more into the "subjects" of my photography and have taken a REAL interest in the learning aspects of what is behind all of this 'point & shoot'.

Since I don't have any small children at home....most of my photos are likely to be my cat Furby or Furbs as he is called most of the time, or perhaps my dear sweet husband.....who tolerates my incessant clicking without too much complaint. Actually Furbs complains more than the husband.

I don't have an expensive camera. I just use a Kodak EasyShare C533....but for now..that is fine while I learn more about the finer aspects of photography.

I took these photos yesterday evening.

Furbs Complaints


And of of my DH...Charles.


I would love to see your comments on my photos....I am an amateur and trying to learn about photography...It has always been a passion of any constructive comments are quite welcome. DIL put me on to this has all sorts of great might want to check it out. I Heart Faces.

Until Next Time!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh My!! Has it been that long????

I guess it has.. But in my defense...I have been really busy trying to get finished with that graduate degree that it seems like I've been working on forever!

You know what??? I did it!!!! I finally finished and have since graduated....Yeah me!! No!! I can not put a "Dr" in front of my least not yet....who knows...maybe someday!!

OK...enough of this dribble....I have a nice surprise for you....Because I have finally graduated....I decided to put my entire store at KJOI Studios on sale at 50% off from 6/10/2010 through 6/30/2010. It will even include anything NEW that I add to the store between this time....and hint...hint...there are some thing sin the works to be added...)


Enjoy shopping....and make sure you check back often during this period for any additions..

OK...gotta go run some errands for Until Next Time!!!!