Friday, May 18, 2012

Shoney's Restaurant - Greenwood, MS

Up until this point, this blog has been all about book reviews. Tonight I have decided that it will also include reviews of restaurants as well any other "life" happenings that I decide to share with my readers. Yes...I do have 4 books that have been read and I really NEED to get the reviews written. I will get them written within the next couple weeks and posted. will get my review of the Shoney's Restaurant #2351 that is located at 629 Hwy 82 West, Greenwood, MS. (662) 453-0491.

Let me first clarify....I am old school....I mean really old school....I am a 50 something woman who believes that if you are going to work in the service industry....then you need to be ready to show some courtesy to the customers that come into whatever establishment in which you are working....otherwise...get out of the service industry and go into some other line of work.

My husband has cancer and due to the chemotherapy that he has received, many foods either have little to no taste or they actually taste bad! Tonight he wanted to go to Shoney's in Greenwood to eat supper and I was happy to go.

As we walked into the door, we were greeted by the hostess and seated. At this point I noticed that there seemed to be only one waitress working and she was totally bogged down with a party of about 10-15 people. My husband decided he would eat off the seafood bar and went and got himself a plate. He got back to the table and realized he had no silverware. So, being the good wife that I am....I went up to the waitress station and asked one of the three people I saw standing there chatting if I could get some silverware and which point I was told, "she will be with you in a minute." OK...I get that I was not her customer and she wouldn't be getting a tip from me...but she was standing right next to the items I was asking for. So...I asked again, stating that my husband is eating from the food bar and needs silverware...once again I was told, "she will be with you in a minute." OooKay! Now I can be a real BITCH sometimes....but I decided I wasn't going to allow this person to cause me to really show that side....although....I did state to my husband that I was about to change my mind about it.

When our server got to the table and took our order, she was very apologetic. I explained it wasn't her fault she was obviously very busy and the person I had asked was not only NOT busy (chatting with other workers) but also standing right beside the items I requested. After our server came by and took our order, the hostess came by and asked if I was alright. least two people in this restaurant understand good customer service.

Now...let me say.....the food was good. My husband ate like he hasn't eaten since October 2011 when he began his chemotherapy. He was really enjoying his food. I have NO complaints with the food.

When I went to pay the ticket, I asked to speak to the manager. The hostess called him Mr. Lamar, however, the receipt has his name as Lamar Franks. Mr. Lamar walked up to the register and just stood there....never asked what he could do for me or anything. So, I proceeded to explain that I wanted him to know what an excellent server....Carolyn...(our server tonight)...had been and that I hoped he knew he had an excellent employee in her. I I said THINK he said thank you....but I am not real sure....he certainly NEVER smiled or was even very courteous. I realize managers expect to get reamed out when a customer asks to speak with them....but once he realized I was complimenting a member of his staff....couldn't he have been a little more courteous to me and happy that I was saying something nice....especially since I have no doubt he knew exactly what had happened earlier with the other person in his employ. a parting shot....I told him to be sure to "Google" Shoney's Greenwood, MS on Saturday, May 19, 2012 to see the review I would have written by that time about his restaurant.

OH....Mr. Lamar....I also am very heavy into the social media know....FaceBook....Twitter and such....and I began with those outlets before writing this blog post!!!

People....if you don't give a damn about customer service and all you are interested in is some good food....then by all means....visit the Shoney's in Greenwood, MS....but if you are old school like me and believe that if you work in a service industry you should show courtesy to your customers....then you might want to stay away from that particular Shoney's.

Now...Understand....I am NOT talking about all Shoney's....I am talking about one particular Shoney's....the one in Greenwood, MS.

Tell me what you think! Am I expecting too much in from our society today? Have we all fallen so low that courtesy has flown out of the window? Give me your two-cents!!! I really want to know!