Friday, July 30, 2010

New Layouts

OK...I'm feeling much better now and it is a good thing too....Because on Tuesday I go back to work....summer vacation will be over! It seems like it just began....but alas...We all must return to work.

BTW....I will also be updating my photography blog today as well. So be sure to go check out my photos!

OK...on with the promised layouts.

The first one is of my youngest granddaughter who was caught sleeping on a pallet outside their home in Germany....I believe her Mom took this on July 4, 2010 at a 4th of July party they were having.

This was done using freebie kits for the Garden Rainbow challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. I used freebies kits that were made for the challenge by His Kid Designs & Rumki Designs to make my layout.

All Tuckered Out-600

This second layout was done for the Digging Up Letters challenge at DSG. I used the freebie kit that has been given away each day as the Petal of the Day. This months kit was provided by On My Own Designs. The photos in this layout were also taken by her Mom, Tanya.

Just Taking a Stroll -600

As a kit designer, I haven't done much lately...but I do have a free paper pack that you can get, if you are interested. Just visit my Facebook page and "LIKE" it...leave me a comment and I will send you the link for the paper pack. Here is my Facebook link.

Don't forget to check out my photography blog to see my newest photos.

Until Next Time!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling Icky

Sorry. There are no new layouts for this week. I had a week long professional development workshop last week, which was fabulous. I really got a lot of new ideas to try in my classroom for Reading, Math, Science, & Writing.

However, I have been fighting a horrible sinus infection and finally decided I needed to actually do something about it before it was time to head back to the classroom. So, today I am feeling the effects of the know how the antihistamines and decongestants make you feel.....YUKKY!! Well that is me today. But, Hopefully it will cure me of my ills and I will be back to right in no time.

Nothing much else going on in this neck of the

Until Next Time.....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Layouts

I have had quite a bit of fun playing with the challenges over at Digital Scrap Garden this week. I have gotten several layouts finished and a few more in the works.

This one was done for the Font Fun challenge


This one was done for the Scraplift Challenge.

This is for the Template Challenge.
Template Challenge-600

This last one serves two purposes actually. One is for the Garden Salad Challenge and also to try and persuade my oldest son that he needs a new picture for his Facebook page.

OK...that is all I have for right

Until Next Time!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two New Layouts

I have been really busy today. I finished two layouts, which are actually challenges at Digital Scrap Garden. I did the usual household engineering know...laundry, dishes, floors, etc. Then I worked on my big unit (Japan) for my gifted students for the Fall session of our classes. Now its time to go and see if I can find some spectacular shots to catch with my camera. The light will be just about right.

But, before I go here are the two layouts I finished this morning.

If you have checked out my photography blog, then you will recognize this photo as one I shot on my little run-about yesterday.


This next one is of my beautiful baby granddaughter, Jessi...who currently lives in Germany where this photo was taken by her Mom (Tanya aka taun) using a Canon Rebel xSi.

Day at the Lake

OK...I have also finished a little paper pack that I have decided to give away to everyone that leaves a comment on this post.(I will need a way to get the link to perhaps an email...could be given)...the two papers that make up my blog background are part of this paper pack...Here is what the pack looks like...


So, if you want the paper pack......please leave a comment....Even if you don't want the paper pack...PLZ leave a comment. I really love reading all the comments.:)

Until Next Time!

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Photography Blog

I have given the issue of combining my scrapping/designing blog with my passion for photography and decided that my photography needs it own area for display.

So, all of my photography will be displayed on a new blog called Dee Bibb Photography. Go ahead....jump on over there an check out my first post.

I took a little drive this afternoon and got some pretty good shots from around my area.

I hope you enjoy them.

Maybe I will get some layouts done by the end of this week and get them posted.

Until Next Time!!