Monday, October 10, 2011

MISTRESS by MARRIAGE by Maggie Robinson

Mistress by Marriage (Courtesan Court, #3)Mistress by Marriage by Maggie Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Mistress by Marriage, Maggie Robinson put the sizzle on the page while allowing the reader to use their imagination. I truly enjoyed the struggle between Baron Edward Christie and his wife of 6 years, Caroline Parker Christie.

Baron Christie has a reputation of being reserved and calm. He takes this reputation to extremes in all situations except with his red-headed wife, Caroline. She stirs irresistible lust in Christie's body that he can't control.

Christie marries Caroline by special license only a week after they had met at a ball held by Lady Huntington. Within a year of that marriage he surprises Caroline on her birthday and finds her in a compromising situation with an old friend, Andrew Rossiter. Because of her supposed indiscretion, he moves her into a "love nest" house on Jane Street, where many of the influential ton kept their mistresses. Christie then visits Caroline every June 14 for sex and to inflict more anger on Caroline. The passion in this relationship flows both ways. Neither can control themselves.

Christie believes that Caroline committed adultery and after five years has decided he will petition for a divorce. Caroline is prepared for this news and believes it is for the best since they can't seem to live together or stay away from one another.

While this is mainly a romance, there is some suspense and mystery woven throughout the plot which only adds to the story line. The characters seem to react in believable ways in the many situations they are put into.

In my opinion, this is a fabulously written suspenseful, mystery romance. I would definitely recommend it as a read for anyone that likes romance.

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