Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tired of Viruses and Trojans

Ok...just so you know, I'm about to launch a small tirade here...On Friday morning last week I was doing what I normally do before heading out to school. I was downloading some daily freebies from a scrapbooking site. These freebies were located on 4shared. While downloading, I noticed that my computer began to act really wonky. Now, I've gotten many viruses and trojans in the past few months and had to clean up the mess afterwards. So, I recognized the wonkiness that I was seeing and immediately stopped what I was doing and began to run antivirus programs. It immediately caught one virus and 3 trojans. I left this program running while off to work I went.

Well, wonder of all wonders, when I arrived home 6 hours later.....the antivirus programs were still running. Not sure what was going on here. Long story short.......After getting rid of an additional 10 trojans, there is either something still on my computer or something has corrupted Internet Explorer. However, I downloaded Firefox and realized that I can get on the internet with it. I'm wondering....why is this? I know I should be grateful that I can have a browser that doesn't send me to a website that I didn't ask for or pop up the page saying I'm infected and need to purchase this specific product. But, I would really like to know.....IS this BEAST still on my computer.......or is my Internet Explorer just corrupted? If you know the answer to this....please let me know!

Now since all this started and I was at 4shared....and I've heard others talking about their horrors there....I have decided that I will no longer use the 4shared site.

So, If you know how to set up a zen cart....please, I need help....I want to have one set up for my personal use to give away my freebies. This way, I don't have to send anyone to a site that may or may not give them a virus or trojan.

Until Next Time!


Charlie's Nana said...

I'm afraid of 4shared, too, now that I'm hearing so much bad stuff. Don't blame you for your little tirade, Dee.

Cassie Designs and Web Development said...

Note that part of this problem does lie in IE. Even though IE is the "prefered" and most used browser, it is also the most evil. Programmers and Computer Specialists will never use IE for anything but to test their work to the general publics liking.

As for Zen Cart, I do alot of Zen Cart set up for small businesses and crafters and my price will reflect this. I don't do work for corporations. (I work from my home and wish to keep it that way).

Please view my zen cart templates at

Intense Magic said...

Sorry you had to go through all that!! I download a lot of stuff for my CT's from 4shared, so I scanned my computer yesterday just to be safe...thank goodness it was ok... One of the designers that I am head CT for has decided to quit using it, for now anyway. Such a shame people have to go through all this, especially when they are just trying to share things!! Hope you are having a good Sunday!

wendy said...

I've never heard that 4shared could possible be a problem...thanks for sharing. I always use firefox and enjoy it SO much better than IE. I've never had problems with it. I hope you get zencart set up soon.

Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 said...

I guess I'm glad I don't download too many freebies anymore and most of my designers work with coupons from their stores - less to worry about.

Hope you get it straightened out. :)

Taun said...

this has gotta suck really bad! i wish these viruses would leave you alone!!

Catlady said...

Grrrrr thats no fun. I know happened to me twice and it's bad bad ones too. Many hugs. I stopped using my IE for 4 shared stuff too. I don't download much anymore from 4 shared either. Scares me. Many hugs Dee.