Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Time....Right!

I know.....its about time that I take a few minutes and post something new on this blog. I could say that I just wanted my last post to stay prominent for a while to give it a really good chance to get me a long list of people who might want to be part of my on-call CT team....but is that the truth???? I'm not telling!

Anyway, some good news....or at least I think it is....I've had 3 ladies respond to my on-call list. They have their first kit to work with and it is a new one. One you have never before seen. Oh! You want to see the say! Well, I can probably find that preview lying around here somewhere and give you a little peak!

Oh....I did find that it is! This kit is called You've Got Male. A perfect kit for all those men and boys in your family....but, I think it would also do really well for some not real girlie layouts, too! Jump on over to Digital Scrap Garden and check out the kit!


Maybe I can talk one of my CT members into making you a QP using this kit and get it posted this afternoon be sure to check back!

Oh yeah.....I just remembered! I also made some wrinkled overlays! The are also in my store at Digital Scrap Garden. You can check them out HERE!


Until Next Time!


Karen Wallace said...

Love the new kit and overlays Dee. Just wanted to pop in and say Helllooooooooo :) Nice to see you updating the Blog :) Big Hugs

Lynn said...

great kit! love those overlays too. glad you got some "on-call" ladies! see you at the garden!

Charlie's Nana said...

Dee ... I really like those overlays. Instant crumpled papers. What a great idea.
Love that new kit, too.

wendy said...

Wow, those crinkle overlays are so fun! You did a great job with this kit and I love the title :)

Lea said...


I was wondering if you are still part of the blog train "forever yours".

Fink said...

Great kits!

Carjazi said...

Poppin in to say hello!