Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hope everyone's New Years is off to ....

a super start!

I have decided I would not make any new year's resolutions this year as I always end up breaking them, every one! So I did not decide to go on a diet...nor did I decide that I would exercise me!

What I did decide is that this year was going to be a much better year than 2007! In order to accomplish this, I would just have to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I will finish my master's degree in the first summer session this year...and I am hanging up my educational is just getting to be too much for me.

I love teaching....but I have no desire to be an administrator...I am perfectly happy in the there is no need for me to continue to run myself ragged to get any higher degrees.

So there you have 2008 is going to be a spectacular one for me.....and I hope yours is just as spectacular for you!!!!

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