Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh Boy...Have I been MIA!!!!

Sorry, I have been gone for so long. Too many things getting in the way. Hopefully things are straightened out now and I will be posting much more regularly.

I had a great Christmas...all things considered. I sure do miss my son and his family who moved to Baumholder, Germany in September. But, I did get to talk to them on Christmas Day and that was a huge help!

Well, I spent the part of Christmas Day at my sister's house...ate lunch with her and then came home and took a long nap! Man was I wiped out.

Here is a layout I did using some of the photos from Christmas Day.


credits: background from Old Fashioned Christmas by Rick Evans; frames by fotosusu; cardboard cluster from Christmas Around the World by D.L. Patterson; and flowers from December RAK by G. Dupus & C.L. Crook

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Lynn Anne said...

Your blog is back! Yay! :) Wow look at your hair - how pretty!! Love your Christmas layouts - it took me a long time to get used to not being at my parents' for the holidays, I think it would take even longer to get used to not having my *children* with me...though I know that often goes with the territory when they grow up. Germany is a HIKE. Glad you had a good holiay with your sister, looking forward to reading your blog again :)