Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ScrapStreet Dream Team Contest

OK...My partner & I have made it to round 6---the final round. Due to the rules...I must go this round partner does not do a layout for this final round.You can see my layout for round 5 here.

I must say......I am really nervous about this round....this is what I must do for the final challenge.

Go on a hunt! Find something beautiful that I may have overlooked before. It may be something ordinary, or old, or silly, a thing, a body part, a moment--I need to open my eyes and really look around. What beauty do I see? Then I must scrap a layout!!

This is going to cause me to reach waaaayyyy outside my comfort zone. I like things all nice & tidy.....nothing different. How am I ever going to accomplish this challenge? I will do it because I cannot let my partner down!!!!

1 comment:

Ambearluv said...

YAY!!! My turn to cheer you on :) Your layouts have been awesome so far. Good luck outside the comfort zone.