Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My other passion..besides scrapbooking!! have caught me!! The past couple of days I have pretty much neglected my scrapbook stuff and been in my yard working. I don't really think it's work!!

I love flowers!! NO, I really love flowers, especially daylilies! I love daylilies soooo much that I hybridize them and grow them from seed!

Monday & Tuesday that is what I have been doing! I have planted over 100 daylily seeds of different crosses that I made last summer! I will soon be the proud parent of many more daylily babies!! Isn't that fantastic?

If you love flowers leave me a comment and tell me what kinds of flowers you love!!


Lynn Anne said...

WOW! I just love you for doing your own seed hybridizing...I love bulbs - so easy once you get them in, esp for a distracted pseudo gardener like myself. I *love* tiger lilies, I think in part because they were a big feature of my front yard growing up. Love tulips, love crocus - in part because they come up SO early and I just hate winter! My harbingers of spring!! I love the scent from lilacs, love those little hyacinths...daisies are a total favorite...I didn't love marigolds for ages, but my kids got me these tangerine 'durango' ones that are more orange than gold (for Mother's Day) and they're gorgeous - love geraniums for their look and their I kno wyou asked the question here Dee, but is there a LIMIT on words in this reply? ROFL! Can't wait to see how your hybrids come up - when do you see flowers from them? This year??

Holly said...

How awesome....I found someone who loves scrapping and flowers!!!!! I am a daylily addict too....I have about twenty five different varieties at my home in Murray.......Just love how pretty they are!

You and I will need to talk more about flowers!!!