Thursday, May 17, 2007

ATC - Artist Trading Cards

Ever done any of these?

I haven't and I have actually signed up for a swap for these things!! I have feverishly been trying to learn exactly what I am supposed to do in order to get these things made.

It turns out...there are many different ways to create ATC's! So, there in lies the problem. Is there a right & wrong way or is anything goes, okay? If you know the answer to this question...please post a comment & let me know!!

Anyway, they are so cute!! I see a new obsession coming on! I want to collect a whole bunch of them.

As soon as I actually get one made, I will post it here for everyone to see my very first creation!


Lynn Anne said...

Anything goes! (At least, how I understand it..I've only made 2 and they were samples for a stamping co - lol!) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

I did some ATC on M2R and must admit they are not for me lol.
I drove myself crazy thinking I just wasnt doing them right.
You can find mine in my gallery there.
I would love to see what you do with yours, they are just so dang cool but so small lol

Anonymous said...

man I just love how yours look. I always was worried about doing them cause seemed everyone was putting old print out stuff on theirs and for me that didnt work.
I like how you made yours something you could actually use