Thursday, May 31, 2007

Applying to a DT call......

Have you ever done this? As it comes up to the final days, did you get these huge, "butterflies" all in your stomach and think....what have I done?

As you can probably figure out, I have applied for a DT spot on one of my favorite websites. I won't mention which one....because my "butterflies" will not allow it!

I am fairly new to this site and in the past few days, I have seen an influx of new people coming to the board and posting in the gallery. If they are going to stay, I say...wonderful! But, how many of them will just leave once the decisions are made?

Well, I am there to stay! There are so many wonderful, friendly people on this site that I have already met and I believe there are many more that I am destined to meet!

Are these "butterflies" normal? Leave me a comment & let me know what you think!!


Lynn Anne said...

OH man you have me so curious as to which site that is!! GOOD luck to you! (is it MTR??) I have had that feeling in the past, but haven't applied to much new lately so it's a little hard to remember to be honest! LOL. I remember checking back and back and back for announcements...when will you know? DH wanted to apply to one that was due the 28th but never figured out which layouts to send so didn't get it in...bummed for him! That's always the hardest part for me - figuring out which layouts to send - so many ways to present yourself and only 3 layouts (or whatever) to do it with!

Anonymous said...

I notice anytime a site runs a DT call they are flooded with folks on there.
I notice some are silly and NEVER POST??? DUH why would we want ya on the message board if ya dont post lol.
I am HOPING AND PRAYING you get it.
I know what site you are talking about ;)
good luck and if I have anything to say you will get it, but I don't lol.

Melonie said...

Totally normal. You will wear out your computers refresh feature the day of the announcement for sure LOL! Good luck!