Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NASCAR Fans...Did You Know....

Calling all NASCAR Fans out here in the cyber world....did you know there is an album out that is nothing but NASCAR songs. All about doesn't matter whether you are a petty or Earnhardt has something for you.

Just go to is only $4.95 and you can then download the entire album! How fabulous is that. The title of the album is Racing Country and the artist is Ray Steele and ....oh boy does his voice sound great...these are some super fantastic songs for the NASCAR fan. The lyrics are of exceptional quality and tell the stories with music. This album includes such titles as Lap of Victory (I think this one is my favorite...but they are all super good), 43 Cars, and New 88 (I think we all know who this one is about!!)

Click the title of the album RACING COUNTRY and it will take you right on over to the don't even have to search for it!!

Come on NASCAR Fans....what are you waiting for....this is a super deal to get some music about the guys that we all love!!!


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