Friday, November 18, 2011

Michael & William Henry - Blue Biscuit Book Club


Oh My!!! Last night I went to my first ever Blue Biscuit Book Club meeting and did I ever have a blast. A friend of mine had been trying to get me there for the past three months and I finally made it and I am really thrilled that I did. I had the best time ever!

I had prepared for the event by reading the book chosen for the month.....At Random by Michael Henry...if you haven't read this really should. It is FABULOUSLY written and has some of the best well-rounded characters I have seen in a while. The book review I did on the book is below this post. this book club meeting was none other than the author of At Random himself....Michael Henry and his son, William, who is also his writing partner.

Of course, me being me....I arrived way early. Yeah, I was like the first to arrive after Michael and William Henry. When I introduced myself, I was asked if I was from Inverness...I was shocked. How could they know this? Little did I know, they recognized the name because of the review I did on At Random and posted on the Amazon website. They had read it and loved it. Not only did they love is also posted on their website Henry and Henry Books.

The meeting was called to order and we talked some about At Random and then the authors began to tell about each of the four books that are already published as well as the two that are currently in the works. Oh yes, I said two books in the works....and since I didn't write down the titles....I can't even tell you....okay....I know, I'm slipping in that area....maybe I was author struck!!

Since I had originally bought At Random for my Kindle, I purchased it in print form last night along with the other three books that are currently available. Here the books that I purchased last night:

Three Bad Years - Michael Henry

At Random - Michael Henry

The Ride Along - Micheal & William Henry

D.O.G.S. - Michael & William Henry

Of course.....they are ALL signed by the authors!!!! Go Me!!!!

In case you didn't pay much attention to the photo up it is again....ME with Michael & William Henry!!!


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Taun said...

so glad you had a great time.. the pic looks really good of you!!! See you soon! ;)