Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Zealand Earthquake Relief Collab

We at sKrap Happens have decided that we wanted to do something to help the victims of the recent New Zealand earthquake. The designers and several of our members have got together and chosen a palette and are currently working on getting a super HUGE Mega collab together where all of the proceeds will go to the Samaritan's Purse. Below is the post from the thread over at sKrap Happens.

here IS something we can do -- we can quickly put together a charity kit and name it Phoenix (as in rising from the ashes).... anyone and everyone can contribute. We'll then send ALL proceeds (I will not deduct the paypal fees) to an organization that will help these people get their lives back. If anyone knows of such an organization, please check them out to make sure they are legitimate and let me know. Then we will all need to advertise this wherever we got on the 'net.



CHARITY: SAMARITAN'S PURSE (specifically for New Zealand victims)

Shelby suggested 3 somethings each -- if you want to do more, that's terrific.

Anyone and everyone can contribute

SKrap Happens designers will upload to the charity ftp; all others will PM Dee with their 4shared/mediafire links and she will handle it from there.

THEME would be new beginnings, hope, friendship

This palette reflects sky, ocean, sand, and green plants

This is the palette that we have chosen.


Please.....if you can help at all......join us in this great mission.

Until Next Time!!

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