Friday, October 17, 2008

Was This a Bad Thing to do? OH & a FREEBIE

I have been trying to find two more digi scrappers for my personal CT. Well....I visit a whoooollleee lot of scrapbooking sites on a pretty much daily basis. There are some sites that I may visit one time a month or even less frequently than that. I know that is not a good site member....but I do have a life outside this computer.

Now....a couple days ago, I was on one of the sites that I frequent very infrequently....sometimes when I drop in, I don't even post....I just look around and leave. Well...I dropped in and there was a poll posted about digi scrapping. Now I've been a member of this site almost since it I know the majority of these ladies aren't really in digi scrapping. So, I look at the poll and there are like 8 who said they prefer traditional scrapping. Counting me on the poll there were 3 ladies that said they like digi scrapping.

So, after checking out the gallery and their creations, I pm these 2 ladies, introduce myself and ask if they would like to try out one of my kits. I told them to email me if they were interested. Both of them did email me.....after some discussion as to what I would want in a CT member...they both agreed to become part of my CT.....until today that is.

This afternoon, I checked my email and I had and email from each of these two ladies stating things had either changed for them or that they didn't want to endanger friendships they had built on the other site by being on my CT. I also had an email from the site owner blessing me out for recruiting her members away from her site.

First of all, I never ever asked these two ladies to leave the site in question. I did ask that they post layouts done with my kits at three different scrap sites...I listed two sites and the third was their choice. This is just routine CT requirements. I know this because I've been on a few CT's myself and still am.

One of the ladies even asked about posting the layouts on the site in question and I told her that was up to her, that I didn't mind at all. The only reason I didn't post layouts in the gallery is that I do mainly digi layouts myself and I know from being on the board as long as it has been in business that the ladies there don't really care for digi.

Anyway.....I emailed the site owner back and explained that I never tried to steal her members that I was looking for personal CT members for my designs only and not DT for another site. Well, needless to say.....she believes what she believes and that is all that can be said on that matter....because I would never repeat the response that I received back from her. I asked her to delete my account and was told that it had already been done. So, I am done with her and her site.

So, Now I ask you my readers....did I do anything wrong? I really didn't feel like I did...but I would like to know what you think.

OK....One of my CT members Angie...made this lovely QP for you using my Pink Passions kit that was inspired by the color choices from Sweet daughter in law that lives in Germany - Taun. I hope you enjoy this little FREEBIE!!


Download link has expired. I hope all that recieved the QP have enjoyed using it.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Wow..... such drama, huh? I am so glad there isn't that stuff at the garden. You didn't do anything wrong... in fact, you did the same thing I did.... I went to sites that I belong to, but what I did do, was looked in the gallery to see who had few to none layouts. If they were good, I invited them to come plant them in our garden. I figured since they were newly to those sites, and few layouts in their galleries, I could introduce them to our site. I didn't do it for CTing though, but I don't see what the difference was... so many of our members belong to quite a few other sites... what a b**ch.. pm me and let me know which site it was, ok? Alrighty then... awesome QP.... babydoll is just getting better and better!! Hang on to her girl! Have a great weekend my queen!! {{HUGS}}

Kristine said...

Wow Dee...that woman was a Grade A bee-otch....sorry you went thru did nothing wrong..she was being a cow.

Crap like that is the reason I only hang around one forum...the Garden

some people just suck..ugh

Ang (babydoll37) said...

I am so sorry Dee you did nothing wrong!!! And don't let that hag tell you any different, you are a wonderful person!! PM the site so I can make sure that I close my account if I have one there, :)

Catlady said...

Oh my gosh Dee that was so bad of this person to do this. You did nothing wrong. So so sorry she was so mean to you. Many many hugs. You have some great looking lo's here on your blog. What a great qp. Have a good weekend. Many hugs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dee. I am so glad you made the team. You worked so hard and made it all worthwhile. I look forward to working with you hon.

Anonymous said...

Dee honey, I am so sorry you had to come up against ignorant women like this. All you can put it down to is their lack of education. Perhaps if they paid more attention to what they were being taught in their earlier lives, they would not be so quick to make ill-informed assumptions. That is just crass and ignorant. Don't feel too bad, hon, you did not do anything wrong. I too have come across people like this in the scrapping and PSP community and they are not worth giving the time of day. If you need a CT honey, I will gladly do it for you. You know what the standard of my work is like, so if you wish give me a call.

movefearlessly said...

so sorry you had such a rotten experience. i don't think you did anything wrong, and i think she really overreacted. live and learn.

Amanda said...

Wow. I don't see the harm since you know they also like to digiscrap. It wasn't like you were saying "As part of my CT requirements, you cannot post at that site ever again." Sheesh! As a scrapper, I'd be flattered if a designer approached me to be on a CT.

OrianaVianey said...

Oh baby, drama is a currency token in every board full of estrogen... LOL
don't be mad... be sorry for these ladies who are missing your wonderful creations

HarleyGirl said...

I read your story and I have to say I see no where that you did anything wrong. People are such control freaks sometimes. If she was any kind of "friend" to the ladies who applied to be on your CT team, she would have been thrilled for them to have that opportunity. And if they chose to stay loyal to her what does that say about them. It is definitely their loss for not getting to create with your kits.

Lynn Anne said...

Oh, Dee! how horrible!I've been on the wrong end of a 'blessing out' over things I never did (or never did wrong) at one time or other too (not with scrappy sites, I don't think - the times I have in mind were IRL experiences) and it's just so horrible and, what did you EVER do to not be given the benefit of the doubt over something? I'm so glad I stopped by today though - did you know I've been digi scrapping for real lately? I joined an actual digi site (super small, the active members so far seem tobe me and the site owners :) ) and even downloaded an actual digi program. The site owner is trying to get me interested in making my own kits but I realllllly just want to play with others' kits...but somehow she's been showing me anyway...I'm just not going softly into that dark night, I'm going kicking and screaming! ROFL! If you visit my blog you'll see a couple of my recent layouts (digi). I'll have to remember to stop by here and check out your digi kits on a regular basis, I knew you were designing with Rick but totally forgot you were doing some of your own stuff too!! Have a great weekend Dee! And if you want me to make some samples with your kits till you find the last 2 full time CT members you're looking for, lmk ;)

Liz said...

oh this is horrible..that lady must be a horrible person to treat you that way even after you tried to did nothing wrong sweetheart...i am going to try and do the same thing and i will keep in mind your experience too..will you please let me know the name of that site so that i too can avoid it..these people usually get what comes around hun so don't worry...cheers liz