Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My House is Waaaayyyyy too QUIET!!!!

Tanya & the kids have made it back to Germany. They were all worn out from so many hours of flight.....but got home safely!

The missing hasn't totally set in yet....I know this because I've been so busy lately.....But I can tell you one house is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too QUIET!! I am accustomed to having 2 boys running around playing & it is only me & my dear hubby.....who doesn't make very much noise at all. I may just have to purchase a noise machine.....I really do miss these guys.....all four of them!!!

Back to scrapping......I currently have 2 kits in the works that I should have completed by this weekend. I am also working on a freebie just for you!!! So be sure and check back this weekend!

Until Next Time!!!!


Anonymous said...

As always....thanks for your words of encouragement!!! I know quiet... LOL Hope you have a great day, and I can't wait to see those kits!! {{HUGS}}

DancingPrincessDesigns said...

I could use a little of your quiet Dee! There's times I feel like my ears are going to fall off it's so noisy at my house....I know I should not wish away these moments...but what I would give for a little peace and quiet! LOL!
Can't wait to see your new kits!

Fink said...

If you want noise I can send you my girls to make some for you! I could use a noise break! : )

Kristine said...

It's too quiet here too Dee...we should get together and MAKE some noise!!!! You game?