Sunday, March 22, 2009

Typo or Twit

Now, before you get all upset with me.....I have been the latest subject of this person who goes around looking for spelling and grammatical errors in the cyber world.

I will be the first to admit, that I will sometimes make and error in spelling. However, I do generally catch those errors prior to sending anything out to anyone. But, this morning, I made up a sale graphic for my ad and quickly looked it over and caught one error, corrected it and moved on. I sent this ad out through 10 different yahoo advertising groups.

This afternoon, I notice that I had some comments to moderate and low and behold...there it was. So I jumped right over to the blog to see what was going on with me being the object of attention on someone's blog that I don't even know. You can check out the ad HERE. Now, since I don't know whether this person behind the blog is male or female, I will just say the blog owner. I left the blog owner a comment using my real identity. I will not hide from my mistakes. If I make them, I will own them. That is the way I was raised. BTW...I was born and raised in the south and we are taught to be kind and respect others. So, instead of going off on the blog owner, I thanked her for letting me know...however, I think it would have been much more appropriate to notify me personally. But, that is my opinion and I do believe in the right to free speech.

OK...dear friends...let me know what you think about this blog and the service the blog owner is providing. I can't wait to see how you feel.

Until next time!


Angie said...

Well I thought it was very rude, and I left a comment for the blog owner also, they could have just emailed you instead of doing it that way.

JanMary said...

I think there is no such thing as bad publicity - your ad is being noticed more because of the error!

Hope this helps :)

Drea said...

Hmm...........I think it was VERY tacky of her/him to have an entire blog designated to pointing out typos.

Personally, I think they have entirely too much time on their hands if this what they do for fun.

Just ignore them..........mean spiteful people are just wanting attention. I wouldn't give them the time of day.



Mimi said...

It's too bad that some people have nothing better to do. I agree w/ Drea...just ignore it!

k-joi studios said...

I make mistakes all the time. It's not what I'm strong at, and I know it. But, I've never thought it polite to point our someone's errors without being asked to proof something, especially in a public forum...

NancyP said...

Is this person for real?? And I thought I had a lot of time on my hands!! GOOD GRIFE----OOPS, wait--that should be GRIEF--what a TWIT I am!!!! heh heh heh !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know what? I make spelling mistakes all the time. Typos too. Spell check is my friend :-)

Why do people have to take things so seriously? We are in a time of war, economic disaster, homelessness, etc. Is having someone make light of a spelling error/typo such a big deal? Can we not just laugh at ourselves once in a while? I did go and look at the site and some of those ads are funny. Yes, he/she is poking fun but they are not using profanity or being outrageously mean. The only bad language I have seen are in the comments the readers have left behind lol

As JanMary said, bad publicity is still good publicity.

Anonymous said...

Wow..... but I do agree with intelligent comments here.... ignore it.. bad publicity is still publicity!! I can't believe that individuals have that much time either! Have a great week... and an awesome 30% of (LOL) sale!!! {{HUGS}}